Welcome to my world.

This website’s main focus is helping, in every way possible. You can help in many ways, and I thought a website was (and still is!) a great way to do it.

I focus primarily on handicapped people – both physical and psychological problems (especially the last one is important), because they are invisible and hard to see. Humans with problems is nothing new, but psychological problems are even worse. Hard to see, and often people won’t admit, if something is wrong. Because they are able to.

It will not be free or happen in a matter of seconds  – but if you share the same vision, you are welcome to contribute with help. Whether it will be financial or not. That’s exactly what I wanna see. Triggered commitment.

There will be options to donate, contribute, be social and more. Past that, there will be a page with tools, a Discord-server has been created, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you need active help or an ear – then you’ll find a chatbar in the bottom right corner. Click it, and you can contact me directly, or leave a message.

Be patient, I am doing the whole website, both in Danish and English – myself.

Yours Truly,


,,Finding the cheese is what they want us to. Let’s just chill… – Peter Griffin”