This is something, that is important to talk about too.

I’ve met these types a lot, and I’ve been one piece of that pizza, too.

So why is it that we take the easy way out, and run from our problems?

Some does it because they don’t have the power to ‘fight’ them, and others just don’t want to deal with them. You might have an other reason – these are just usually those I encounter.

So how does they deal with them then? From my experience, people smoke hashish or drink till they don’t know what their own name is, and that is what hurts my heart. Believe it or not.

Of cause, there is other ways – it depends on the problem, whether it’s physical or psychological. Different problems equals – different solutions. There’s no right solution, and only you can tell if it is the right one for you, though I recommend anything, but alcohol, drugs or hasish.

Sitting down, talking about it, and at some point finding a solution, is not interesting for anyone, anymore. They don’t want to use too many powers, and if they can run from using any – they will.

– Unfortunately. 

So why am I talking about it, when the ’solution’ seems to be right there, and people should live their own life in their own ways – without my stupid advices? Well, it’s easy to say something, while it is harder to do something. Are my advices stupid? Well, maybe – are your actions stupid? Maybe. We all look at it, differently – but one thing is curtain…

No one can solve your problems, only you can. So why not stop running, stay and fight?

Fight for a solution, is my recommendation. When you solve a problem, you not only become smarter, until the next time you encounter the same problem – you also find out, that a lot of your problems is not as difficult, as you thought. It’s even easier when you work as a team.

Yours Truly | Human