In many countries, this is normal.

– Young people smoke, grown ups smoke and older people smoke.

This is not the problem, and the fact that it is legal – is the second worst problem, but the worst problem is what I really want to talk about, in this blog post.

Today I looked at a cigarette label, and saw a baby with a baby pacifier, with a cigarette in it. I was disgusted.

You make profit on people smoking tobacco and dying from it, that should be enough harm done.

Making money and smoking tobacco is one thing, another thing is taking babies into it. We talk about people, who clearly is sick in their mind, and really have no words about it. It’s just DISGUSTING.

I think people should, and can make their own life decisions – but don’t bring babies into it. Even worse – they label; adults that smoke, usually end up having kids who start smoking. ”

That is the biggest bowl of crap, I’ve read. It’s how YOU raise your kids. Parents smoking, doesn’t equal smoking kids. Bad parenting equals kids with bad habits – but there is exceptions – no doubt. Though, that is really rare.

Still, you can’t do with adults, as you can with cigarette labels. Putting a label on it. That is called: generalising.

Stop generalising and labeling us, and give us real facts.

– We are still humans, and not products.

Yours Truly | Human