If you use FileZilla as your FileTransferProtocol-program, then you might have stumbled across the offer, I am about to tell you about, and review. Or maybe, you don’t use FTP at all, and this blog post is useless, for now – at least.

Note: This is my opinion, and should not be taken too serious – you are allowed to make your own.

Let’s begin…

I got this offer of ‘6 Months Premium VPN’ for free, when a new update for FileZilla, was available.

As the offer sounds, so is the quality.

When you get such an offer, search for trusted sources with a more in-depth review, look into their firm/company – and basically to make it simple for you… do your research first, so you don’t get disappointed or scammed.

Have they been in business for long – or not?

Are they a recognized brand/company?

When that is done, you can decide – whether it’s legitimate or not. If it makes up to your common sense or not.

To the review; I think you should at no time use their software. I fell for it, and it worked the first day – and would run until somewhere in the start of 2018.

Unfortunately, that lasted that day. No longer.

No matter what server I tried (by country) or by closing/opening the app – no luck.

Then you might say… Well, why don’t you contact their support, and figure out, if something is wrong?

Well, the fact that the brand isn’t ‘known’ – is enough for me. Where brands like ExpressVPN, P.I.A, IVPN and more, are recognized, reviewed, and approved for good. A good tip, I will give you is… buy a VPN, don’t use a free one.

Free = You’re the product vs. Paid = You own the product. Know the difference, and decide, what you are okay with, or not okay with.

Should you take my advice(s)? No, do what you want to do. I’m just giving you the information, now it’s up to you, if you want to use it.

– Just be careful. 


Yours Truly | Human