Well, hello there!

I am guessing, that you’ve just found, my site – and I want to say, thank you for that.

The world today, is all about, your ego, your arrogance, you being greedy and complaining, when you don’t get everything, served on a silverplate.

I hate that attitude – sorry, not sorry!

If you are one of those people, I will kindly ask you, to stay. Maybe we can, turn your life around – and others may aswell. Everyone is welcome. Though my purpose is one thing, we learn from we are born, till we die. Perhaps, you will learn something new?

Enough, about that…

I am a guy, becoming a man, having certain views on the world – and that goes back to my childhood.

I got taken away, from my family – when I was very young. It has left me, with some scares. Some are gone, some are still healing – but I never gave up. I fought, but not in the best way. I became greedy, hungry, angry, full of hate and the list goes on. In the end, as I have written and edited this introduction – I’ve realised that, it made nothing great happen. I learned from it. That’s what Dwayne Johnson are calling; My Wake-Up call.”

Therefor I want to show, educate and help you, your family, your bestfriend, perhaps your dog or anyone else – thick, thin, tall or short, how to become a better, positive and respectful person (only if you want to), entertain you, make you laugh, or what ever I am able to. Beside that, I just want to share my opinions, views, perspectives and what ever, I think useful.

I love to talk – even so much, that people tell me, to shut the f… up.

– Literally.

Still, remember – I am just a human, like you – and therefor, I am no better than any one, of you – the readers. Don’t take anything personal, and if you are hurt from something – write me an e-mail, and we can talk or you can contact me on Cryptocat, where we can talk privately.

I can’t guarantee that I will respond immediately, but I will try. Cryptocat is not available on smartphones, and I’m out a lot. For now, at least.

Bottom line is…

I’ve been, the biggest loser, at the very bottom – and I have learned, from that.

I’ve learned, that if, you are happy, positive, curious, willing to learn, and full of life and love – you can go very far, but always remember. Succés and strength, takes time. It’s not made in a single day, week, months or even years. It could take decades. Be patient.

Dreams are not, just dreams. Dreams can become reality, but you need – will, optimism, hope, patience, honesty and respect.

What you give, is what you get. Don’t collect trash, when you can collect diamonds.

Then you may ask… what do I mean, by that?

I mean – don’t collect “friends”, who aren’t there, when you need them, the most. Don’t collect, those who pull you down, attack you, use your secrets against you, talk behind your back, make rumours about you, and what not you are being used for. You are you, and you should not be anyone else.

If it’s not, bringing you anything good – don’t tune to it.

Throw it out, and move past it.

You don’t need it, and that is the key, to a good, healthy, and wealthy life.

The power to say, act and show – I control my life, I am the owner of my life, and no one, should tell me otherwise. I am no better than anyone, nor worse than anyone. I am the best, and you’re the best.

Together, we are a community – together, we are strong – together, we are winners.

Welcome to my journey – and fairwell, to those who leave. May your dreams come true, and blessings, be upon you.

Whether you are, religious or not.

Yours Truly | Human


Sidenote: Professional blogging, isn’t free. I am not what I was, before I started this blog – but I will still kindly ask for a donation, to keep the project running.

So by that – if you like what I write/post/express etc. Support me and the site.

I own it, and make it available for you – because YOU deserve it.