Well, here is my first spontaneous blog post – and let’s get going with it.

The final of the Confederations Cup was played, not long ago. Germany was leading 1-0 against Chile.

I may have German blood, but today I lost everything I had for the team. Germany have a strong team – if not the strongest, I admit that, but their game is boring – and thís is where teams from fx. South America makes it all entertaining. They sacrifice for this – no sides taken.

What I want to talk about, is what happened in overtime – the last 5 minutes.

First and foremost – Germany did everything, to waste Chile’s time. Every second and minute, they possible could, and they succeeded.

Emre Can fell with a player from Chile. I don’t remember the other player’s name, but I remember the situation. They fell, and what Can did, was to hold the ball between his legs, so Chile couldn’t continue the game. Then he took the ball in his hands, which caused more frustration from the Chile players – which in my mind, is logical.

Germany as already mentioned, did everything they could, to waste – and it frustrated me too, even though, I wasn’t a part of the game. The German play was boring, and their waste of time – were disgusting. I have always been a fan of Germany’s national team, but after seeing this final, I can’t be a fan of a team – who doesn’t fight, but only waste time to win their games, especially finals.

I am not a fan of picking sides, but Chile was the only team in my opinion, who fought for the victory. Germany didn’t, no doubts.

Today, it was Chile that deserved the title in my eyes – for sure. I hope the best, for the Chile team in the future, and maybe they can make it even, some day – who knows?

Yours Truly | Human