Energy is the most important thing in our life, to make our day go smooth and hopefully without problems.

– Energy can be consumed in a lot of ways. Eating, drinking, sleeping, happiness and the list goes on.

Let’s start it, from morning to night, with eating and drinking. That’s the around 16 hours, we are awake – if we sleep 8 hours a day.

Remember… this is not, how it is everyday, but that’s usually how long most people sleep, though no where near accurate.

– We’ll start with morning;

Wake up, eat breakfast – something full of energy. I would suggest kickstarting with some lighter bread, just to trick your belly. Fill that up with protein, fx. eggs – and never start your day with sugar, like soda, icecream, candy or something like that. Drink a glass or two of milk, and or juice – that can work too. Just not something really sugar heavy – at all.

Remember, I am not a health, meal and fitness instructor – these are personal, not ‘professional’ views/opinions/experiences.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, if you don’t have the meal – it can screw your whole day up. You have been warned.

Next up is lunch. A good meal, to get some extra stuff in your belly and your brain. Important as well. Eat things like dark bread, with corn I would recommend. Gives a lot of nourishment. Drink even more milk, and supply it with water. At any time, water clears your thirst (and throat – the opposite of Soda fx.), so are you thirsty, then that is what you want to drink.

Another tip: Drink a half to a whole bottle of water (500ML) after every soda, you drink.

Last, but not least – dinner time. My favorite meal. Eat food you like, and no McDonald’s and Burger King are NOT included. Sorry.

Something with protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates helps you sleep better and uninterupted, while protein makes your body work good, and correctly. It’s your inner balance.

Should I mention this? Sleep 6-8 hours – in average. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will easily get irritated, angry or even violent – and… a bad breakfast or no breakfast, don’t help it getting any better. Remember that.

I hope you learned something new – because I did.


Yours Truly | Human


Some of the information, were taken from: – Carbohydrates – Protein